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How Can I Change My Child's Name in the UK: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Posted on: 04/02/24

Changing a child's name is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and adherence to legal procedures. In the UK, there are specific steps that parents or legal guardians must follow to legally change their child's name. Below, we provide a comprehensive guide addressing common questions and concerns regarding this process.

1. What is the Legal Procedure for Changing a Child's Name in the UK?

In the UK, changing a child's name involves a legal process known as deed poll. Parents or legal guardians can apply for a deed poll on behalf of their child to officially change their name.

2. Who Can Apply for a Deed Poll on Behalf of a Child?

A child's name can be changed by a parent or legal guardian who has parental responsibility for the child. This includes biological parents, adoptive parents, or individuals with legal guardianship.

3. What Documentation is Required to Change a Child's Name?

When applying for a deed poll to change a child's name, parents or legal guardians typically need to provide the child's birth certificate, proof of their own identity, and any relevant court orders or adoption certificates.

4. Is Consent Required from Both Parents to Change a Child's Name?

In most cases, consent from both parents is required to change a child's name. However, if one parent has sole parental responsibility or there are extenuating circumstances, consent may not be necessary.

5. Can a Child's Name be Changed Without the Other Parent's Consent?

If one parent refuses to consent to the name change, the matter may need to be resolved through the courts. In such cases, the parent seeking the name change may need to provide evidence to support their request.

6. How is a Deed Poll Executed for a Child's Name Change?

To execute a deed poll for a child's name change, the parent or legal guardian must complete the necessary paperwork, sign the document in the presence of witnesses, and have the witnesses sign and provide their details.


7. Are There Any Restrictions on Changing a Child's Name?

While parents generally have the right to change their child's name, there are some restrictions. For example, a child's name cannot be changed for fraudulent or deceptive purposes, and certain names may be prohibited by law.

8. How Can I Change My Child's Name IN UK by Authorities and Institutions?

Once the deed poll is executed, parents should notify relevant authorities and institutions of the name change, such as schools, doctors' offices, and government agencies. This ensures that official records are updated accordingly.

In conclusion, changing a child's name in the UK involves following specific legal procedures, including obtaining a deed poll and obtaining consent from both parents in most cases. By understanding the process and addressing common questions and concerns, parents can navigate the name change process effectively and ensure that their child's new name is legally recognized.



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